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Investing 101 2.0

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” (Albert Einstein)

I spent the majority of my time learning. Right now, the output of that learning is then deciding how to invest other people's money into tech companies.

Investing is a natural paradox. Not just the kind that I do; the practice of allocating a resource with the hope of generating a compounded outcome—it can be simultaneously learned for the first time and constantly reinvented. There is always an opportunity to wonder, "how could this be done differently?"

I occasionally write about people or organizations doing just that—thinking differently.

Live the Library

"When you find a writer whose words enter your mind with deep impact and influence, pay attention. Diversify your library, of course. But when you find someone whose words inspire you, drink deeply from the well they have dug."

There are certain people whose writing has influenced the way I think about the world that is different.

I capture everything I read from them in Roam and then distill the snippets.

I make a concerted effort to capture those nuggets in a thread of threads on twitter, one for each "librarian." ⏩

Live The Library